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Who am I? Who’re you?

DSC_0006-001At this very moment, I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, cousin, aunt, niece, Financial Coach and aspiring personal coach.  My overarching goal in life is to define and live it on my terms in ways that align with my values and to help others do the same.  Whoa.

What are my values?  Above all, I value connection and collaboration.  Like it or not, each of us is part of an interconnected fabric involving all of the people, places and things in this world.  As creatures among those atop the food chain, we have tremendous power. With tremendous power, to paraphrase, comes tremendous responsibility.  We owe it to the other fibers of our fabric to be respectful and careful with our interactions with them.  I don’t mean careful as in cautious, I mean careful as “care full” full of care.  Considerate of the potential impact of our words and actions on those creatures and elements around us.    That means we do good where we can, when we can and in whatever ways we can.

For those of the Christian faith, and I’m just not sure right now but I believe this, take the words of Matthew 22:39 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  No matter how important society sees you, you’re just another part of the world with an obligation to sustain the resources we currently enjoy for our successors.  If you cannot do good, at least do no harm.   It’s a simple concept and the core of my self.

How does this value fit into my roles:

As a Family Member:  I do my very best to let my family know how much I love them every single day.  I show my children that love doesn’t mean lenient, it means teaching lessons, sharing my core value of treating others the way I want to be treated.  Whether they treat me that way or not, I treat them the way I’d like.  If the interactions continue to be negative, it’s okay – even healthy – to cut ties and establish distance.  It is my sincere hope that my love for my family is reflected in everything I do with and for them, every day.

As a Coach:  If I’m your coach, we’re a team.  We will work together as long as it takes to move from whatever place you are in to whatever place you want to be.    The key point is that you’re the driver.  I’m just helping you draw and read the map.  And I know you’re a great driver so I’ll help you see that too.

Sharing what I have is integral to me.  I’ve been blessed with a fantastic husband and some awesome kids.  We have learned a lot of life and money lessons the hard way.  It hasn’t been easy for the last 20 years but it has been worth every second.  And I now know things that can help you sidestep some of the problems that tripped us up along the way.

I am thankful for the blessings that come when my path crosses others and we can walk together for awhile.    Join me?  Leave a comment telling me “Who are you?” or write it up in your own blog and leave  me a link.

Make today Amazing!



Write Me a Letter!

I am developing a hate-hate relationship with e-mail and Facebook.  Now, mind you, I spend too much time on FB and I love e-mail but I think that the combination of the two is killing sincere communication.  My e-mail is all work, bills, newsletters and spam.  I don’t even get e-cards or e-vites anymore!    We won’t get started about what it does for proper grammar and spelling.

How often do you complain about the contents of your mailbox?  “Oh it’s always just junk mail and bills!”  Maybe you have all your bills set up for e-billing so it’s all just junk mail.  How does this make you feel?

During the just-passed Christmas season, I mailed out approximately 80 cards.  I hand-delivered a few dozen more.  I received fewer than a dozen, including hand-delivered cards.  How many cards did you get?  Admit it.  Did your heart skip a beat when you saw the envelope?  Mine does.

When did birthday cards become obsolete?  Hand written invites?  (although I am very guilty of the Facebook event post)

So I want to point out that the feeling you get when you get a letter or a card is the same that everyone else gets.  I mean if you get an “Oh shit!  Not another friendly letter!” feeling, I daresay you’re solidly in the minority and I can’t help you.  So why not let someone have that feeling?  A pad of writing paper is around $1.50 nearly anywhere and a box of envelopes is about the same.  So add that to the price of a stamp and for less than 50 cents, you can make someone’s day.  There are lots of places where a card can be purchase for around $1 making the price of a smile $1.44.  Worth it?

A letter needn’t be wordy.  I like to include pictures.  A card – even better!  Have your little one draw a picture on a piece of paper folded in half.  Write a note inside and send it on its way to make Grandma’s day.  Print a copy of a favorite photo for around 19 cents and write a note on the back!  It doesn’t have to be hard.

So I am making a pledge to myself to begin “Healthy” communication for 2012.  This means more face time and more letter writing.  Maybe e-cards too, who knows?  Would you like to join me?

To make it easier, I am going to have a little contest.  The winner will receive a dozen hand-made note cards or a pack of 12 assorted, hand-made greeting cards customized for you with favorite colors, etc.  The choice is yours!

To enter, leave a comment on this post sharing the first person who would get a note from you.

For additional entries:

Like Lisa Sharp  Solutions on FaceBook

Follow @LisaMSharp on Twitter

And every $10 Donated toward my Chicago 3 Day will get you an additional entry.

I will select a winner by random number drawing on February 1.  GOOD LUCK!



Now I Get It!

I’ve been obsessed with my blog traffic lately.  It’s wrong.  I know.  But this is what I have learned about my readership.

1.  You love it when I’m miserable.  Posts about my nemesis and his partner in crime make you quite happy.  Maybe video of me falling on my face repeatedly would build readership…

2.  You trust my opinion on certain things.  Smart people you are.  BTW, still using Relish! more than E-Mealz.

3.  You hate my memes and polls.  Bummer.  I sort of love both of these things.

4.  Are you liking the cooking tips?


Updates on other stuff:  20 Minute Challenge is mostly going well.  No major progress to celebrate but the areas that have been done are staying done which is great.  I am working on getting the kids to pick up after themselves without being a total bitch all the time.

Healthy:  Better.  I have made some progress dealing with difficult issues in my life and continue to do so.  I know if I plan and track my eating on Spark People, I have a better caloric intake day.  My dogs, pains that they are, would not stop whining until I walked them today.  So I did.  Me in my winter battle rattle, Bucky in his, using my new no-pull harnesses (meh) and the split lead so I can take both dogs on one leash.  It’s -6 degrees here today.  MINUS 6.  We walked two miles.  Three hours later and my thighs are still frozen.  Bucky is sunning himself by the back door.  Maddie is also napping.  Win.

Now  I have to get help writing a STRONGLY WORDED letter that I’ve been putting off since last summer. Or hiring a lawyer.

Let’s Fund A Cure

I have signed up to complete a total of four events for Susan G. Komen for the Cure this year.  The 3Day in Chicago and Atlanta as a Walker, the 3Day in Minneapolis as crew and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Mall of America as… a… RUNNER!  (Who’s joining me in a couch to 5K?)

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I hope you will support me in this amazing challenge with your good wishes, a prayer or two and a little money.  I set my fundraising target at $2300 for Atlanta and Chicago, $1000 for the Twin Cities and $100 for the 5K.  Of course, I’d  love to blow the doors off those goals.

If you want me to EARN my money, here are a few things I’m good at and willing to do for the cure:

Rates Negotiable:

1.  Cleaning and organizing of any sort

2.  Making stuff.  Spot something on Pinterest you like but no time?  No equipment?  I’ll do it.  For a fee.

3.  Video Home Inventory

4.  Photography

5.  Marketing and Management Consulting

6.  Ghost Writing

7.  Resume Writing and Cover Letter Assistance

8. Painting – indoor and outdoor, not portraits

9.  Pet Sitting

10.  What do you need?

Rates Not Negotiable:

1.  Child Care

2.  Lawn Care

3. Computer training

4.  Database Development

5.  Spreadsheet design

6.  1:1 Computer training

7.  Software Installation and training

8. Tutoring

9.  Personal Shopping (i.e. Errand running)

10. Lean Six Sigma Systems Design and Implementation

Planned Fundraisers:

Digital scrapbooking and card making class – March 2012

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Party – March 2012

Mom’s Morning Out:  Sign your kids up for a morning of crafts and games while you shop and take a break!  Dates and rates TBD

Crafts and Rummage Sale – when my community has their community-wide sale


I am always looking for good ideas so please feel free to e-mail me or leave me a comment on this post.  Thanks for your support!