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Write Me a Letter!

I am developing a hate-hate relationship with e-mail and Facebook.  Now, mind you, I spend too much time on FB and I love e-mail but I think that the combination of the two is killing sincere communication.  My e-mail is all work, bills, newsletters and spam.  I don’t even get e-cards or e-vites anymore!    We won’t get started about what it does for proper grammar and spelling.

How often do you complain about the contents of your mailbox?  “Oh it’s always just junk mail and bills!”  Maybe you have all your bills set up for e-billing so it’s all just junk mail.  How does this make you feel?

During the just-passed Christmas season, I mailed out approximately 80 cards.  I hand-delivered a few dozen more.  I received fewer than a dozen, including hand-delivered cards.  How many cards did you get?  Admit it.  Did your heart skip a beat when you saw the envelope?  Mine does.

When did birthday cards become obsolete?  Hand written invites?  (although I am very guilty of the Facebook event post)

So I want to point out that the feeling you get when you get a letter or a card is the same that everyone else gets.  I mean if you get an “Oh shit!  Not another friendly letter!” feeling, I daresay you’re solidly in the minority and I can’t help you.  So why not let someone have that feeling?  A pad of writing paper is around $1.50 nearly anywhere and a box of envelopes is about the same.  So add that to the price of a stamp and for less than 50 cents, you can make someone’s day.  There are lots of places where a card can be purchase for around $1 making the price of a smile $1.44.  Worth it?

A letter needn’t be wordy.  I like to include pictures.  A card – even better!  Have your little one draw a picture on a piece of paper folded in half.  Write a note inside and send it on its way to make Grandma’s day.  Print a copy of a favorite photo for around 19 cents and write a note on the back!  It doesn’t have to be hard.

So I am making a pledge to myself to begin “Healthy” communication for 2012.  This means more face time and more letter writing.  Maybe e-cards too, who knows?  Would you like to join me?

To make it easier, I am going to have a little contest.  The winner will receive a dozen hand-made note cards or a pack of 12 assorted, hand-made greeting cards customized for you with favorite colors, etc.  The choice is yours!

To enter, leave a comment on this post sharing the first person who would get a note from you.

For additional entries:

Like Lisa Sharp  Solutions on FaceBook

Follow @LisaMSharp on Twitter

And every $10 Donated toward my Chicago 3 Day will get you an additional entry.

I will select a winner by random number drawing on February 1.  GOOD LUCK!