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Please Help!

Dear Blog Readers,

They’re ganging up on me.  The children.  My nemesis and his adorable little friend (pictured above).  Even Mother Nature is giving me the finger.  This morning I awakened at 4:00 for a drink of water.  I went to the kitchen to discover that either the above dog has gotten incredibly intelligent or one of my children went on a midnight snack run and left the refrigerator door open.  In the refrigerator was a pound of beef liver that I had boiled but not yet cut up for training purposes.  The key word at this point is was.  I found an empty plate (otherwise undisturbed from its resting place – she’s that good) and was met by a very unrepentant dog.

This morning, I discovered half of my favorite pair of shoes destroyed.  One hates rugs, the other hates yarn.  Maddie cannot stand area rugs to the point that any efforts to stem the flow of snow into my house are met by her bunching up said rug and moving it out of the doorway.  Bucky will grab my current knitting project and attempt to carry it away.  He doesn’t care about other projects, just the one I am working on now.    The vet said he was four or five.  I think the vet is full of shit mistaken because of all the “puppy behaviors” he displays – chewing, etc.  Shoes, legos and K-nex are not. safe.   And he knows nothing.  Not sit, not stay, not off.  But he has a personality that makes it hard to stay mad at him.

Then we will add the weather.  This week I have spent roughly $100 on equipment for wearing these two naughty little hounds out.  I bought my first pair of snowboots in a very long time, a split lead so I can take them both on one leash, a backpack for Bucky so we burn more energy on our walks.  (I’m reading a dog training book that recommends it for all medium and large sized dogs).  Gloves, warm gloves.  I am ready for anything!  But this shit is ridiculous.  So, of course, they’re whining to go outside every ten minutes.  This process requires me to put on my full winter battle rattle which takes five minutes and then they only want to be outside two minutes because they’re too cold to do all their business.  We come back in, they warm up, I take off my battle rattle and repeat.

It’s going to be a long day.

Send cocoa.  With schnapps.



Product Review: Bil-Jac Dog Food

Disclaimer:  I am a BzzAgent and received a free sample of Bil-Jac Dog Food to review this product.

First, let me admit that I was a bit blase about this particular campaign.  I had always thought that dog food was dog food, you know?  Other than avoiding the super cheap stuff (big-box store house brands, for example), I felt fairly certain that all dog food was the same.

I have two lovely English Springer Spaniels:  Champ who will be 11 in a few days and Maddie who is 8.  So, when the Bil-Jac coupons arrived in the mail, we picked up a bag of Senior Chicken and Oatmeal ormula.

From the website:  As dogs mature, they may become less active and their nutritional needs change. More oatmeal – a “heart healthy” food for humans – is included in our Senior Dog Food formula for its many exceptional health benefits. Our enhanced senior formula also contains guaranteed levels of naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to promote better joint health.

I have always fed twice a day and did not change that.  I followed the feeding guidelines for what the dogs are supposed to weigh (don’t go there), not what they do.  In other words, I changed nothing but the food.  My dogs, on the other hand….

I can’t speak for Maddie, because she’s always been an “Inhaler”.  She eats all her food as fast as she can.  Then she will pick up her dish and carry it around the house trying to convince someone she needs more.    Yes, it’s adorable.  Until it is time to feed her and  play “Where’s the bowl, Madeline?”.

Champ, on the other hand, has been a grazer all his life.  Until now.  Bil-Jac must be different because he was excited about being fed and promptly cleaned his bowl completely.  He loves it!

As an owner, or as I prefer “Doggie Mother”, I have noticed that both dogs have more energy and their coats look good.  This tells me that the nutritional value of the dog food is very good.    I’m more of a behavioral scientist so I will believe what I can observe and that is that Bil-Jac is good for my dogs and they LOVE it.

I hadn’t heard of the brand before but after I fell in love with it, I was telling a friend how much my dogs loved Bil-Jac and it turns out t hat is all she has fed her dogs for many years.   I hate feeling behind the power curve.

Bil-Jac retails for between $14.50 and $45 (depending on variety and bag size) at a specialty pet retailer near you.  Check the Petco posting here where reviews are 100% positive.