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Make it Monday: Procrastinator’s Edition

Last week got weird quickly, but ~meh~  Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m certain I am the only mom in the world who put off making classroom valentines until the last minute, wanted them to be unique AND had to – just HAD to – work a pencil into the plan.  No store boughts for me, thankyouverymuch.  I have entirely too much paper to justify that one!

Since the “no candy” rule foiled my original plan AND plan B (future blogs, I promise), I had to dig deep down into plan C.  Plan C did not choose to manifest itself until yesterday morning.

Third graders like paper, right?  They write and draw and whatnot constantly.  At least the Khan does.  And his classroom is always crying out for pencils so I wanted to do something useful, cute, you get the idea.  These are variants of the classic notepad folder using supplies from my stash, my mother’s stash and the dollar store.

The one on the left involves a 3×5 notepad (from a pack of five costing $1), double sided tape or a tape runner, and scrapbook paper.  The paper is cut to the height and three times the width of the notepad.  Tape the notepad down to the right edge of the wrong side of the paper.  Fold the per at the edge of the notepad, fold the remainder in half (it is really folded in thirds).  Trim the corner out of the left hand edge – with a decorative edge scissors if you have one but a clean straight edge is just fine.  Attach the ribbon with tape (I switched to glue dots for this) and tie the bow with the pencil inside.

The option on the right is with preprinted cards – sold by the box at any craft store.  Just trim the card down to the size of the notepad (or skip it if it’s close), attach the notepad with your adhesive of choice, stamp the front.  Lazy? Yep.  But it was getting late and I got in a hurry.  I attached the pencil with a glue dot to the envelope.

The Khan was happy with them so I’m hopeful the rest of the third grade will too.  This is also a nice idea for a card party / game night favor, teacher gift or just a nice little “thinking of you” gift.  If you use the the preprinted cards and embellish them, they’ll have an envelope all ready for mailing, but you will pay extra postage.

Would you like to see a step-by-step tutorial?  Leave me a comment and I promise to make it happen.


Tuesday Updates

I have no excuse for not blogging yesterday so I am sorry.  I owe you updates on a few things.

20 Minute Decluttering:  I mastered my craft room.  It took a lot more than 20 minutes and it still looks kind of junky because of my set up and it’s location.  My creative space is in an unfinished basement adjacent to the boys’ play areas.  In fact, it is centered between them.  This can be… complicating.

So, without further ado, here are some after pictures of Saturday’s work:

This area is a cutting table, the bags underneath are fabric pieces as are the four totes at the end of my bookcase.  See what I mean about it still looking kind of dumpy despite being mostly orderly?  My sewing machine is in the rolling case underneath the table.

This piece I hope will be next week’s make it Monday.  I have great plans for this $10 coffee table.  In the background is my major work station.  More on that soon.  The bookcase is cluttered, I know, with my professional library, my crafting books and my cricut cartridges.  I will be moving some cartridges to the Jukebox which will help but I need to be honest with myself about the pro gear.  Soon.  It’s just too soon.

This is a better view of the main work area.  It is big enough for two to make cards or scrapbook pages and whatnot.  The Cricut, Sizzix and laminator are readily available as are the Xyron machines.  As an aside, I think the Xyron machine is the greatest invention ever.  It spoils me for other adhesives.

My desk.  Ready and waiting for rubber stamping.  On the baker’s rack in the background are scrapbooks to be filled, WIP projects, 12×12 paper and foam.  On top are Sizzix dies.
This represents the bulk of my miscellaneous storage.  The tall dresser even has the drawers labeled.  The shorter, wider dresser is full of randomness:  bubble wrap, stuff I am still learning how to use, crayons, wrapping paper…  It’s kind of scary, but I know what’s there and where to find it.  Extra Xyron cartridges are in the third drawer.  Ink pads in the rack on the top and the two boxes are ribbon.  I went back down to pick the paper pad up off the floor.  (MY KIDS!)

The remaining storage area.  Four totes on the end are fabric, on the near end is paper, embellishments, knitting magazines and a handful of in-progress scrapbooks.  Do I like how it looks?  Not really, but having it organized allows me to get some of that stuff used up.

So let me ask you a question.  As you can see, we have an unfinished basement.  We could certainly finish it with paneling or sheetrock, but it would be at our expense and, since we live in military housing, the ROI is negative by the  cost to finish it. So what can I do?  What would you do?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts and we can come back to it on Friday, okay?

Next up, the Make it Monday update.  I did tweet it last night, but if you don’t follow me on twitter, you’ll feel cheated that you didn’t get it.  I did finish a knitting project.  After lamenting that it takes me SO LONG to get one done, I now will admit that I just don’t spend enough time on it.  I will knit a few row and put it down when my ADD kicks in and I want to play video games.  So this project, that would take a serious knitter an afternoon, took me a couple weeks. It is knitted in garter stitch, seamed and gathered.  I enhanced the pattern by knitting a band to cover the cinched part, not wrapping yarn.  I didn’t like the look of it.  Using yarn and needles I had so it fits into my stash busting goals as well.  Also, the model is adorable, right?

I also want to thank the lovely Sarah for delighting me with one of her projects this week.  Her blog is showing tremendous potential because her Pinterest addiction is worse than my own.    Look at what she sent me!

So once again, loyal readers, what should I do about my basement walls?  Would you take on the paneling or drywall costs yourself?  Another option I thought of was to get bedsheets at goodwill and just cover the walls.  It would be random, yes, but with a bit of fabric paint and a stamp or stencil, kind of funky?  HELP!

Meet My New Nemesis

A little over a month ago, I lost my best friend.  His passing left holes everywhere in our family.  None more deep than in his life partner of nearly 9 years, Maddie.  She was lost.  Stopped eating.  Listless.  We determined that she needed a friend of the c hevariety.

Serendipity showed up, or so we thought, when we spotted this guy at the local animal shelter:

Oh, wait.  That’s his back half.  Let’s try again.

Getting closer.  Turns out the trick to dog photography is spinning in circles in the kitchen.

Meet Bucky,  age indeterminate, Brittany (we think) Spaniel or Spaniel Mix.  His age is somewhere between 2 and 4, we think.  My niece, the vet tech says 1-2 and the vet says 4-5 but he acts like a younger dog.

Some of his endearing qualities:

Chewing socks

Chewing legos and k’nex

Foraging in the litter box

Foraging in the trash

Ditto for the dishwasher

He doesn’t know sit, down, off or his own name.

His best feature is that he “rabbits” which means that if he gets the chance, he will be out the door and off like a rocket!  He is very fast!  Before you know it, he is long gone.  Even the morning after he was neutered, he took a neighborhood run.

Yesterday, Squidward met him for the first time and left the door open a little too long when he left.  AND HE’S OFF!

Cue the routine, hop in the UAV and drive through the neighborhood.  Squidward calls to inform me that Bucky left the neighborhood through a construction gate. F*ck.  We’re surrounded by training areas here.  Heavily wooded training areas.  Hand the Emperor a leash and tell him to keep looking.  I go out and pick up Squidward and he indicates the direction of my wayward dog.  Wonderful.  Training area.   So I drive around in the area I typically walk for training except I take a left into the heart of the training area.  In my UAV which has new tires but is traditionally terrible in snow.  Based on daily trends yesterday, I expect to get stuck and have to go get my truck (without my DH who is out of town visiting the land where hope goes to die) to pull my stupid self out of the snow because of this damn dog.  Then I take a left instead of a right and am fully off-road.  Still. No. Bucky.

Thankfully, when Squidward left, he came across our wayward hound running down the road (yes, I am grateful for a rural environment) and, with help from one of DH’s troops was able to capture and return him to our house.  He is safe and well.  We are working on training and consistency and finding ways to burn off his excess energy so the running stops.  Anyone every use a dog backpack?  The book I am reading says for medium and large dogs it is a must.    I had never heard of such a thing but it makes sense.  The extra weight tires them out more when you walk them and it gives the dog a sense that he has a job so it makes him happier.  It would seem that wearing him out is my new fitness plan.

But check it:


I made those tracks through fresh snow.  Because I am a bad ass.  And I love my stupid dog.


80+ Minutes and I’m Still Not Done

If I video blogged, I would have an awesome soundtrack for today’s post about my 20 minutes a day decluttering / cleaning/ organizing challenge.

Remember my messy, messy kitchen?  Well, I had a headache Tuesday and Wednesday so I wimped out on my cleaning objectives.  I’m not proud of it.  But it happened and the headache has left me today.  Yay!

So I had to catch up.  That means 60 minutes today.  An hour.  So given this large block of time, I attacked the kitchen.  Attacked it.  I set the timer in 20 minute increments just in case I finished.  I’m delusional.  The first 20 minutes was not sufficient to finish the chores the boys left undone last night.  I put dishes away, washed more.  Disposed of recylables.  *Beep*

So I took a short break and set the timer for another 20.  Here I delved further into the pantry.  Do you have people in your house who WILL. NOT. take the last of the cereal in the box?  Yeah.  Me too.  It drives me nuts.  So the second 20 minutes involved emptying the empty boxes from the pantry, cleaning the microwave, wiping out the oven (I ran the clean cycle yesterday).  Continued to wash dishes – canisters, the microwave turntable…. *Beep*

The third 20 minute increment is a blur.  More straightening, consolidating organizing.  *Beep*  What. The. Hell?  I’m still not done?

The last 20 minutes was spent putting things back into place, adding a bit of organization to the pantry.  Adding the finishing touches, if you will.  Here are the after pictures.

There are some glass canisters that I am on the fence about.  So I kept them.  For now.  They can hold box tops for school, lollipops and maybe dog treats?

I know that the drainer in the sink is not the mark of clean but it is drying.  Then it goes under the sink.

Yes, that is a pot simmering on the stove.  It will be tonight’s dinner:  Homemade Beef and Barley Soup.  Be jealous.

The pantry itself isn’t done, but trust me when I say that significant progress was made.  Tomorrow’s 20 minutes should finish the remaining counter and most of the pantry.  Saturday will finish the pantry.  What are your suggestions for holding onions and potatoes?