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6 Tips for Great Pictures

I get compliments on my pictures and have a big, fancy camera but I don’t consider myself a photographer.  However, as a mega-influential blogger, I am overqualified to share my opinions on every topic.

Here is what I have learned about taking good pictures.

1.  Patience is Key.  Do not try to force the picture.  Wait for it to happen.  You will get pictures like this:

2.  Perspective matters.  When photographing children and animals, get down to their level.  Have some fun.  You’ll get this:

3.  If it is interesting to your eye, it will be interesting as a photo.    For portraits, mix things up.  Get away from your “Stand over there by that wall mindset!”

4.  Always keep looking for that perfect photo opportunity.  They’re everywhere.  Use your camera phone if you forget your camera!  Here’s a favorite of mine:  The big boy and the little boy didn’t know I was taking it.

5.  You do not need a fancy camera to take great photos.  I shoot with a Nikon D3000 most of the time, but a friend in Hawaii takes the most amazing sunrise and sunset pictures with a Sony Cybershot.  It’s super powerful and *hint* on my Christmas list because it is so portable!

6.  You also don’t need fancy photo editing software.  I use Picasa 100% of the time.  I have Photoshop but, so far, Picasa is meeting my needs.  I can even make sepia and black and white photos!


Remember that hobbies should be fun.  Don’t let your quest for perfection ruin a great photo opportunity.  Small cameras can be mighty and edits are your friend.

What tips do you have for taking great pictures?