Beating the Beast One Project At A Time

First off:  What’s the Beast?  The Beast is that one THING that is holding you back.  It might be fear, it might be motivation but whatever it is, if it’s holding you back, you’re letting it win.

Second, I want you to think of a few ideas for taming that beast.  What helps you regain your focus when it’s waning?  A walk?  A phone call to a friend?  A nice cup of tea?    If you’re letting the Beast win, it’s time to go do that thing, right now.  Go.

Something that helps me is taking a few moments to create.  I’ll admit it.  I like making things, taking pictures – you name it – and it all helps me put my brain back together.  Over the past few months, my brain has not been together.  In fact, it’s been very apart.  But it’s coming back together and I took some time to check something off my Pinterest boards and solve a storage problem.



Frame – mine is 11×14 and was $5 at Goodwill because I let them”round up”.

Paint – 97 cents

Sponges to apply paint – also 97 cents

Fat Quarter of fabric – you guessed it! 97 cents

Roll of Cork – $4.99 minus 40% off (remember if you like craft stores and have a smart phone, you always have a coupon) so $2.99

You will have extra fabric and extra cork.

Supplies out of my inventory:  Glue, double sided tape and a scissor.


photo 1


This is the entire set of supplies.  Sadly, I forgot the before I painted the frame photo.  I didn’t try to put a full coat of paint on the frame, just brushed it lightly and evenly with an antique gold acrylic paint so it looks kind of burnished.

photo 3

I used the backing of the frame to measure the size of cork needed.  Traced it with a pen and cut it.  Then I liberally glued the back of the frame and put the cork down.  Give it a few minutes (5-10) to dry.

photo 4


I measured the fabric the same way I measured the cork, traced it and cut it to fit.  I wanted to retain the option to change the fabric if it faded or I got tired of it so I used double sided tape to attach it to the cork.

photo 5And Voila!  It is finished, hanging in my bathroom and holding my go-t0 jewelry at the ready.  I picked up Corsage pins but any type of straight pins would work.  Also, cleared my head, cleared a little clutter and added something pretty to my space.




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