Three Puzzle Pieces

I promised that we’d talk about personal resilience today.  Around the Army it’s become kind of a buzzword, but Resilience is actually a buzzword that I like.  It’s an ability to weather the storm, so to speak and a fundamental life skill.

Yes.  I said skill.  For some, it’s like athletic ability.  They’re born with it.  For others, it is more like musical ability and must be cultivated – learned and developed by conscious effort.  For others, it’s a hybrid of both innate and cultivated ability.  In certain situations the latter group can roll with the flow while other triggers cause them to fall apart completely.

In order to improve your ability to bounce back, press forward or how ever you look at being resilient, there are three pieces to the puzzle.  These are going to be recurring themes as we work together in the future.  Physical, Emotional and Financial Health.

Physical resilience comes from taking care of your body.  Exercise, proper diet, sunshine!  Your body begins as a finely tuned machine but over time, much like a car that isn’t properly maintained, it becomes out of tune.  Then we spend on health care, quick fixes, fad diets – you name it.  When really the keys are: quality input – know what you’re eating.  My personal rule is that I don’t buy anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce.  Keep moving.  Something as simple as a walk or playing with your kids is enough.  Personally, I am learning to love yoga.  It’s energizing and relaxing at the same time.  The poses make me feel powerful.  Eat well and move.  Simple.

Emotional resilience is a little tougher.  Taking care of yourself is the key.  Again, moving.  Again, keeping track of what you put in your body for fuel.  But also, knowing what makes you feel good.  For me, creativity, service to others and my family keep me grounded and feeling well. What works for you?

Tomorrow, we’ll talk Financial Resilience.  Make today amazing!


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