Now I Get It!

I’ve been obsessed with my blog traffic lately.  It’s wrong.  I know.  But this is what I have learned about my readership.

1.  You love it when I’m miserable.  Posts about my nemesis and his partner in crime make you quite happy.  Maybe video of me falling on my face repeatedly would build readership…

2.  You trust my opinion on certain things.  Smart people you are.  BTW, still using Relish! more than E-Mealz.

3.  You hate my memes and polls.  Bummer.  I sort of love both of these things.

4.  Are you liking the cooking tips?


Updates on other stuff:  20 Minute Challenge is mostly going well.  No major progress to celebrate but the areas that have been done are staying done which is great.  I am working on getting the kids to pick up after themselves without being a total bitch all the time.

Healthy:  Better.  I have made some progress dealing with difficult issues in my life and continue to do so.  I know if I plan and track my eating on Spark People, I have a better caloric intake day.  My dogs, pains that they are, would not stop whining until I walked them today.  So I did.  Me in my winter battle rattle, Bucky in his, using my new no-pull harnesses (meh) and the split lead so I can take both dogs on one leash.  It’s -6 degrees here today.  MINUS 6.  We walked two miles.  Three hours later and my thighs are still frozen.  Bucky is sunning himself by the back door.  Maddie is also napping.  Win.

Now  I have to get help writing a STRONGLY WORDED letter that I’ve been putting off since last summer. Or hiring a lawyer.

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