Meet My New Nemesis

A little over a month ago, I lost my best friend.  His passing left holes everywhere in our family.  None more deep than in his life partner of nearly 9 years, Maddie.  She was lost.  Stopped eating.  Listless.  We determined that she needed a friend of the c hevariety.

Serendipity showed up, or so we thought, when we spotted this guy at the local animal shelter:

Oh, wait.  That’s his back half.  Let’s try again.

Getting closer.  Turns out the trick to dog photography is spinning in circles in the kitchen.

Meet Bucky,  age indeterminate, Brittany (we think) Spaniel or Spaniel Mix.  His age is somewhere between 2 and 4, we think.  My niece, the vet tech says 1-2 and the vet says 4-5 but he acts like a younger dog.

Some of his endearing qualities:

Chewing socks

Chewing legos and k’nex

Foraging in the litter box

Foraging in the trash

Ditto for the dishwasher

He doesn’t know sit, down, off or his own name.

His best feature is that he “rabbits” which means that if he gets the chance, he will be out the door and off like a rocket!  He is very fast!  Before you know it, he is long gone.  Even the morning after he was neutered, he took a neighborhood run.

Yesterday, Squidward met him for the first time and left the door open a little too long when he left.  AND HE’S OFF!

Cue the routine, hop in the UAV and drive through the neighborhood.  Squidward calls to inform me that Bucky left the neighborhood through a construction gate. F*ck.  We’re surrounded by training areas here.  Heavily wooded training areas.  Hand the Emperor a leash and tell him to keep looking.  I go out and pick up Squidward and he indicates the direction of my wayward dog.  Wonderful.  Training area.   So I drive around in the area I typically walk for training except I take a left into the heart of the training area.  In my UAV which has new tires but is traditionally terrible in snow.  Based on daily trends yesterday, I expect to get stuck and have to go get my truck (without my DH who is out of town visiting the land where hope goes to die) to pull my stupid self out of the snow because of this damn dog.  Then I take a left instead of a right and am fully off-road.  Still. No. Bucky.

Thankfully, when Squidward left, he came across our wayward hound running down the road (yes, I am grateful for a rural environment) and, with help from one of DH’s troops was able to capture and return him to our house.  He is safe and well.  We are working on training and consistency and finding ways to burn off his excess energy so the running stops.  Anyone every use a dog backpack?  The book I am reading says for medium and large dogs it is a must.    I had never heard of such a thing but it makes sense.  The extra weight tires them out more when you walk them and it gives the dog a sense that he has a job so it makes him happier.  It would seem that wearing him out is my new fitness plan.

But check it:


I made those tracks through fresh snow.  Because I am a bad ass.  And I love my stupid dog.


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    1. Well, today I have another one for you. I love my dogs. I love my dogs. I love my dogs. I’ll keep saying it until I mean it.

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