Let’s Fund A Cure

I have signed up to complete a total of four events for Susan G. Komen for the Cure this year.  The 3Day in Chicago and Atlanta as a Walker, the 3Day in Minneapolis as crew and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Mall of America as… a… RUNNER!  (Who’s joining me in a couch to 5K?)

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I hope you will support me in this amazing challenge with your good wishes, a prayer or two and a little money.  I set my fundraising target at $2300 for Atlanta and Chicago, $1000 for the Twin Cities and $100 for the 5K.  Of course, I’d  love to blow the doors off those goals.

If you want me to EARN my money, here are a few things I’m good at and willing to do for the cure:

Rates Negotiable:

1.  Cleaning and organizing of any sort

2.  Making stuff.  Spot something on Pinterest you like but no time?  No equipment?  I’ll do it.  For a fee.

3.  Video Home Inventory

4.  Photography

5.  Marketing and Management Consulting

6.  Ghost Writing

7.  Resume Writing and Cover Letter Assistance

8. Painting – indoor and outdoor, not portraits

9.  Pet Sitting

10.  What do you need?

Rates Not Negotiable:

1.  Child Care

2.  Lawn Care

3. Computer training

4.  Database Development

5.  Spreadsheet design

6.  1:1 Computer training

7.  Software Installation and training

8. Tutoring

9.  Personal Shopping (i.e. Errand running)

10. Lean Six Sigma Systems Design and Implementation

Planned Fundraisers:

Digital scrapbooking and card making class – March 2012

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Party – March 2012

Mom’s Morning Out:  Sign your kids up for a morning of crafts and games while you shop and take a break!  Dates and rates TBD

Crafts and Rummage Sale – when my community has their community-wide sale


I am always looking for good ideas so please feel free to e-mail me or leave me a comment on this post.  Thanks for your support!

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