80+ Minutes and I’m Still Not Done

If I video blogged, I would have an awesome soundtrack for today’s post about my 20 minutes a day decluttering / cleaning/ organizing challenge.

Remember my messy, messy kitchen?  Well, I had a headache Tuesday and Wednesday so I wimped out on my cleaning objectives.  I’m not proud of it.  But it happened and the headache has left me today.  Yay!

So I had to catch up.  That means 60 minutes today.  An hour.  So given this large block of time, I attacked the kitchen.  Attacked it.  I set the timer in 20 minute increments just in case I finished.  I’m delusional.  The first 20 minutes was not sufficient to finish the chores the boys left undone last night.  I put dishes away, washed more.  Disposed of recylables.  *Beep*

So I took a short break and set the timer for another 20.  Here I delved further into the pantry.  Do you have people in your house who WILL. NOT. take the last of the cereal in the box?  Yeah.  Me too.  It drives me nuts.  So the second 20 minutes involved emptying the empty boxes from the pantry, cleaning the microwave, wiping out the oven (I ran the clean cycle yesterday).  Continued to wash dishes – canisters, the microwave turntable…. *Beep*

The third 20 minute increment is a blur.  More straightening, consolidating organizing.  *Beep*  What. The. Hell?  I’m still not done?

The last 20 minutes was spent putting things back into place, adding a bit of organization to the pantry.  Adding the finishing touches, if you will.  Here are the after pictures.

There are some glass canisters that I am on the fence about.  So I kept them.  For now.  They can hold box tops for school, lollipops and maybe dog treats?

I know that the drainer in the sink is not the mark of clean but it is drying.  Then it goes under the sink.

Yes, that is a pot simmering on the stove.  It will be tonight’s dinner:  Homemade Beef and Barley Soup.  Be jealous.

The pantry itself isn’t done, but trust me when I say that significant progress was made.  Tomorrow’s 20 minutes should finish the remaining counter and most of the pantry.  Saturday will finish the pantry.  What are your suggestions for holding onions and potatoes?

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