Military Spouse Quiz

Not in tune with the “tone” of my blog and probably not appealing to my “Niche”, but I love quizzes and memes and I know you’re dying to know this stuff (if you don’t already).
The Milspouse Quiz

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

We worked together at my first job in 1984 at a retail store.  I was there a grand total of about 3 weeks.    We ran into one another again eight years later and it gets a little weird for a bit and then it got awesome, but that’s another blog.

2. How old were you when you two met?

I was 16, he was 20.

3. How long have you been together?

We have been together 18 years, married 17 of them.

4. Where are you and your spouse originally from?

Sparta Wisconsin.

5. How did you feel about him joining the military?

He was a reservist when we started dating.  I’m proud of him, but I had nothing to do with it.  The AGR decision, when we made it, was an easy one.  It’s been a very good thing for our family.

6. Where did your spouse go to Basic Training?

Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  AIT was Ft. Lee, VA

7. Has your spouse ever been deployed?

Yes.  Kuwait and Iraq 2005-2006

8. Ever been to his promotion ceremony?

I pinned him for E-7, E-8 and E-9.  It’s an honor I’m glad he gives me.
9. How long have you been a military wife?

Since my ex was also military, 23 years.

10. Did you marry him before or after he joined?

8 years after.

11. How did your husband propose?

We had been living together and just knew we’d get married.  A friend sent us rings and when they arrived in the mail, he met me in the kitchen after work with them in his hand.  Kind of a non-proposal, but it’s his way and it works.

12. Where did you get married?

We were married in my mother-in-law’s living room.

13. How old were you two when you got married?

I was 26 and he was 30.

14. Did he wear his uniform on his wedding day?

No.  I’d like to renew our vows and get him in the monkey suit someday.  My gosh, he looks good with all his chest candy on.

15. Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?

A place we shall refer to as Fort McFun.  The worst Army base in the world.

16. Do you live on base?


17. How long were you married when you had to go through your first separation?

We were apart for AT every year.   So since before we were technically married.  He deployed just before our 11th anniversary.
18. What is your favorite base so far?

Of  the places we’ve been stationed:  Joint Base Lewis-McChord.  Of those we’ve visited:  Schofield Barracks.

19. Do you think your spouse looks good in his uniform? l

Breathtaking.  Even in PFU 😉

20. Do you think military life is more advanced than civilian life?

I don’t understand this question.  Advanced?  No.  Do I think successful military families are more adaptable, inclusive and flexible?  Yes.

21. Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependent?

Some.  Some I’d happily do without.  I love a good commissary and the insurance is nice.

22. Do you have a lot of a military wife friends?

Yes.  And I am thankful for every single one of them.  It does get hard sometimes because of politics and rank structures.  I always wonder now if people are nice to me because I’m me or because my husband is their husband’s boss (some of this is my own insecurity).  So most, but not all,  of my milspouse friends’ hubbies are not and have never been in his chain of command.

23. What is the hardest part of the military life?

We are an AGR family.  The hardest part is the huge differences in assignments.  No post to crappy post to huge (but crappy) post to awesome post to crappy post.  The second hardest is the differences in schools for the kids.  The emperor has had the same block of instruction three times because of school changes.

24. Do you own military wife stuff?

I abhor military wife stuff.  Our one thing is a “Home is Where the Army Sends Us” sign.  I kind of love that.
25. Do you support your spouse as a member of the military?

I support my husband as the man that he is.  The military is one part of that, certainly.  The whole package is pretty good.

Okay, meme-lovers, it’s your turn.  I’m looking at you Heather.

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