Made It Monday – First Edition

Purists may disagree with the first two of today’s crafty accomplishments but since it required considerable thought and effort on my part and I felt the same way I feel when I finish creating something when they were finished, they count.  I love it when I get to make the rules for my games, don’t you?

Last summer, my mom found a great deal on a collage frame and bought me one.  This sucker has something like 17 openings and is HUGE!  It started life leaned up against a wall in the house but my hubby hung it up to prevent it from getting broken.  since there were no photos in it except the ones on the printed sheet that came with the frame, it lovingly became known as “Cousin Lupe’s Quinceanera Pictures” because of the theme of these photos.

Visitors to my home would view the frame rather puzzled.  “When are you going to put pictures in that frame?”

“I can’t cover Cousin Lupe’s Quinceanera pictures!”

Fact of the matter is, the thing is a monster.  There is no ignoring it on the wall so I had a very clear vision in my mind of which pictures I wanted there.  Pictures it would take time to assemble, enlarge and arrange in this frame.  This weekend, I finally decided it was time to get it done.  A Walgreen’s order and an hour or so was all it took, but I am pleased with the finished result.

In case you’re curious, nearly every single member of our family is represented there – all my siblings and both of my parents, my grandparents on both sides and my step-father.  The only family members missing from DH’s side are his father and grandfather on his mom’s side.    I’m very happy with it.

The other project I finished was similar but much smaller.  I received a lovely frame from a friend and again needed to print photos to put in it.

These are pictures from the 3Day.  Silly that I didn’t have a picture of the dear friend who gave me the frame, isn’t it?

The last finished project(s) this week is this batch of Thank You Cards:

 If I were a true crafter, I would have all the details about the paper, etc., but all I can say is I used a Spellbinder, Sizzix (I think, it might be a Cuttlebug) embossing folders, the Opposites Attract Cricut cartridge, some ribbon and paper my mom had on hand to make these.  Oh and a Xyron.  Of course.

What were your big accomplishments this week?  Tell me in the comments!




























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