20 Minutes: Weekend Updates

I took the weekend off from the blog but not from my blog challenges.  This post is to share the results of Saturday and Sunday’s 20 minute clutter busting projects:

Saturday, I attacked my children’s cesspool bathroom.  Wow was this gross.  It’s a small room, not all that cluttered but they don’t put things away ever.  So I did.

And then I cleaned the bathtub and toilet, wiped down counters and cleaned the mirror.  The vinyl on the mirror says “You’re the Best!”.  It is from a Cricut cartridge but don’t ask me which one off the top of my head.  Making one for you is one of the things I will do for Komen, so just ask.

Sunday, I tackled part of my dining room.  We have an open concept living area with a bar facing out to the dining room.  This section of counter is a major clutter magnet.  So is the dining room table.  You saw the pictures!  So I decluttered, sorted and tossed paper and other junk and wiped down the counters and table.  All that remains on the counter are two plants, a candy bouquet (another thing I will do for Komen, so ask!) and a candle holder from Ikea.  On the table:  Salt and pepper, a plant, a candle centerpiece and a bowl of fresh fruit.  I love it.

Here are the after photos:

You may argue that a jacket on the chair is clutter, but this is Wisconsin and it gets cold.  The jacket is there for someone to grab as they take the dogs out.  It’s logical.

How did your 20 minutes go?


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