Sony Cybershot Product Review

I recently felt the need to replace my point-and-shoot with a smaller, more user-friendly model.  I love my DSLR, but the bulk of my old point and shoot made it hard to accomplish my goal of always having a camera handy.  While in Hawaii, I got a chance to see some fantastic photos taken by an older version of the Sony Cybershot 16.1 MP Digital camera.  So, I set out to make this little baby my own.

DH and I skipped Christmas  and Anniversary presents for the most part and he wanted me to treat myself to something from my wishlist after the new year.  We had recently replaced cell phones so when the gift cards came for the rebates, I saw my opportunity (here’s a tip:  Take the Visa gift cards and use them to purchase cards so you won’t have to worry about an unused balance) and placed the order.

In a nutshell, I LOVE this camera.  It’s very small.  Smaller than an iPod and less than an inch thick so it definitely fits in pocket or purse with ease.  I will never miss a photo opportunity again!  Hopefully.  At 16.1 MegaPixels, I can print photos in any size I can foresee wanting or needing to print.  This is my first point-and-shoot with a rechargeable battery which makes me very happy.  I am hopeful that the battery life will get me through the 3Day next year but the charger is super compact (no cord!) so it is packable.  The image stabilization feature is a must for me and the 5x Zoom helps me reach out and touch what I’m photographing.   The iAuto function does a fantastic job adjusting the settings to match the subject and lighting.

I have only had this camera about 24 hours so there is a lot more for me to learn but with the crisp photos I’ve taken so far and the fact that I can also shoot video in HD, this little camera is my new handy sidekick.  The feature I’m playing with the most right now is the option to shoot panoramic photos like this one:

I wish I’d have had this in Hawaii!


Disclosure:  I did not receive any payment or product in exchange for this review.  This is simply my opinion on a product I recently purchased.

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