Goodbye 2011 and Good Riddance!

In the midst of the Holiday Season, sometimes we find ourselves wrapped in sadness.  So it is with our family.  Our wonderful sister lost a valiant battle with Evil Cancer.  I lost my best friend.    Some of you will say I’m silly to combine a beloved family member and a DOG but pet owners will understand completely.

So where was I?  We attempted to celebrate 12 days of Christmas through our sadness (our sister lost her fight on 12/26) and had some success.  New Years Eve with family and friends was a comfortable success.  We played video games and cards and had tacos for dinner.  Iplan hope to repeat it monthly!

Other ideas for 2012:

Book Club

Supper Club

Sunday Family Dinners involving our parents and maybe extended family

More games

More trips

More fun

What does 2012 hold for you?

At another blog I read $5 Dinners, the blogger has come up with a “Word for 2012”.  Her word is “Simplify”.  Mine is “Healthy”.  It’s kind of all encompassing, isn’t it?  I’m going to base all my decisions on “Is this healthy for me?”.  Activities, relationships, food, habits!  If it isn’t healthy, it’s out.

What’s your word for the New Year?  Talk to me in the comments!

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