I Know It’s Been a Whole Week

The Best Dog Ever

I’m sorry.  The blog has been spotty.  First the Thanksgiving holiday, then ten days in paradise (not that I am complaining) but my punishment from the universe (I really need an investigation into my Karma) was the loss of my best friend.  Champ and I had eleven wonderful years and one shitty day together.  He suffered what the vet thinks may have been a stroke in early November and went downhill from there rather quickly.  It seemed silly to cancel a trip to Hawaii because my dog was sick, but I was mightily tempted.  He needed me!

The kids did a great job taking care of him save for a few urgent phone calls while I was gone but by the time we returned it was clear that my baby boy needed me to do the right thing.  One week ago today, almost to the minute, Champ made his final trip to the vet.  I know that he is flying in joy, free from pain, but it doesn’t make me miss him less.

I’ll get it back together now.  I promise.

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