Let’s Call This Teamwork!

That's me on the left


I stood on the scale this morning and weighed 252 pounds.

I haven’t willingly had my picture taken since 2004.

I am a size 18 (barely).

I am tired.

I have been classified “Hypercholesterolemic” and “Pre-diabetic.”  What that translates to is “I’m fat”.

I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.



End State:  150 lbs.

Complete two 60 Day Walks next year walking all 60 miles.

Lose 10% of my body weight by Christmas.

Bring my Cholesterol and Blood Sugar within normal limits by my next lab tests.



Inital Goal Accomplished:  Manicure  (I wonder if having 6 toenails gets me 40% off a pedicure?)

And we’ll take it from there.  I’m not good at rewarding myself.  I might have to count on you for ideas.


My readers,

Here’s where you can help:

Drop me an encouraging word here in the comments.

Join me on Spark People and we can achieve our goals together.  Spark People encompasses every possibility:  Fitness, Weight Loss, Finance… and it’s 100% Free!


A Contest:

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To enter:  

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I will select a winner by a random drawing from all entries received by Midnight CDT on Monday, November 14 2011!


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7 thoughts on “Let’s Call This Teamwork!

  1. Count me in! I would love to tag team so we can both hit our goals. My mini goal is to step up my exercise to a minimum of 4 days a week and do it consistently by end of 2011. My 2012 goal is to lose my last 15-20 lbs and achieve my goal weight. I need to make sure I’m ready for the 3-Day too!

  2. after blowing off a 10K to watch the Rangers suck it up in game 7, I have set a new goal to train for another 10miler in December. Nike had the best slogan. Just do it. It really is that easy. Let’s all get off our asses ad JUST DO IT. You know you have my support, and I’ll give you as many virtual high fives as you need.

  3. First, I am very very proud of you for putting that all out there. I’d be happy to join you as I struggle too. My first goal is to get back to planning SB meals. All it takes is some planning and then Just Do It!

  4. Awesome. I think I’ve reached the same point. I won’t even get on the scale! I belonged to Spark but haven’t been there in a while. I will totally support u on this venture!

  5. Lisa, I met you at the Twin Cities 3-day and you can go this! At the 3-day, you had a ridiculous amount of energy, enthusiasm and happiness as you spent hours cheering on the walkers. If anyone can do this, YOU CAN!

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