Bucket List – 20 Before 50

I’m too cranky to kick the bucket any time soon but I do have a list of things I’d like to do in the immediate future.  I’ll be 50 in 6.5 years (EEK!) and I proudly present to you my 50 20 before 50:

1.  Be completely debt free.

2.  Go to Italy.

3.  Get a pedicure (I’ve never had one.  I hear they’re lovely)

4.  Get another article published.

5.  See all 5 of the Great Lakes.

6.  Ride an ATV.

7. Drive a Boat.

8. Visit Acadia.

9.  Have a fully-funded emergency fund.

10.  See more of Europe.

11. Take a fantastic vacation all by myself.

12.  Take a fantastic vacation with my hubby.

13.  Ditch the UAV and pay cash for my dream car.

14. Find my purpose.

15. Climb a mountain.

16.  Learn to swim.

17.  Learn to speak Spanish.

18.  Practice in Spain.

19.  Practice in Mexico.

20.  Create an even greater list of things to do before I’m 60!

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