“Eat What You Kill”

Had a great conversation with the Khan’s pediatrician the other day. Productive, enjoyable. I find that I get out so infrequently that sometimes I don’t know when to shut up and the doc is an enjoyable guy to talk to so the conversation wound through ADHD, medication, therapy, alternative approaches, vaccinations, the education system and my standard line about the state of the world “I’d like to shop where some people get their sense of entitlement”.

Then we talked about accepting responsibility for actions and choices. Apparently there’s a Dave Ramsey line “Eat what you kill”. It means accept what your choices have delivered and, if you don’t like them, take action to change them.

It resonated with me so I am publishing a page listing my services. I need to earn some money and the services page is going to list everything I’m willing and capable of doing to earn a buck or two.


Financial Counseling: Budgeting, Cash management, Credit and Debt problem resolution, 1:1 work to help clients understand their financial situation and develop a road map to reach their goals. Zero selling of any kind but referrals to other services as needed.

Photography: Portraits, pictures or video for insurance purposes or e-bay selling.

Computer work: Custom Databases and Spreadsheets, 1:1 training in Office and Google applications including Picasa. Also eBay.

Childcare (but I’m not cheap)

Organization: Straighten up your problem areas in your home or business using Lean Methodology (5S and Kanban).

What else am I good at?

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